15 Most Popular Wedding Theme Ideas in 2017

Wedding themes add life to the occasion and blend in with the interests of the new couple, Their lifestyle and preferences add sheen to the theme while also giving the guests some entertainment quotient to enjoy the event more than ever. By choosing the right wedding theme and venues, one can make the occasion a memorable one, to say the least!

  1. Vintage Wedding Theme

Now if you are big Mad Men fans, you might want to go with the vintage wedding theme with a typical 1950s birdcage veil, perfect teal shoes, handy lace gloves, and even a vintage style Wedding photography styles.


  1. Beach Wedding Theme

You might want to get married near the ocean with the breeze flowing through and sand in between your toes. A beach wedding theme is perfect for those who love water. Your entire wedding theme can be draped in crisp whites, greens, and blues or even with bright yellows and oranges. Incorporate beach grass and cocktails for the event.


  1. Football Wedding Theme

If the couple is die-hard fans of football, one can have a football wedding theme with a green pitch functioning as a wedding venue and a cross of colors of your favourite teams can be the color that will reign the event. For instance, you can have red and blue as the main colors if you are a Barcelona fan.


  1. Twilight Wedding Theme

Bella and Edward’s wedding celebration in Breaking Dawn has inspired several weddings over the years. If you are one of the Twilight fans who love fangs and werewolves equally, you can get their wedding look realized. Who knows, you might have a Renesmee soon in your lives!


  1. Floral Wedding Theme

If the couple loves florals of a certain kind, you can have a completely floral wedding theme with flowers everywhere used creatively. Your invitations can be floral-themed along with flowers on your wedding attire. Each of the guests could be encouraged to wear something floral and Hawaiian for the day.


  1. Garden Wedding Theme

If you want to go further on the natural step, you do not have to wait for fresh flowers only for your theme.  A garden themed wedding is romantic one can make greenery-inspired invitations that will even appeal to nature lovers everywhere.


  1. Forest Wedding Theme

A forest themed wedding will work for couples who like a rustic setting for their main event. One can finalize a beautiful forest which is accessible for the backdrop for a wedding. Forest weddings are awesome if there is a landscape behind it as colors would pop up in photos while a candle light would add romance to the setting.


  1. Nautical Wedding Theme

If you like move up to the coast and become seafarers traveling several nautical miles, it might be difficult to realize the same in real life but one can totally opt for a nautical wedding theme that will include some pirate-based invitations, binoculars, anchors, and compasses added to the setting.


  1. Harry Potter Wedding Theme

After a ride on Hogwarts Express, you can invite your wedding guests to pull out their houses from the Sorting Hat, so that they can use magic wands and attire just like their houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. Let the theme of their attire be black and white like the students while the main couple can play Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, as mentioned in the invites.


  1. Game of Throne Wedding Theme

If you are a GOT fan like millions of people across the world, you might want to have a regal fantasy-laden medieval wedding, that resembles the Red wedding but does not have its climax. You can have the guests pick up their chose house – Starks, Targaryens, Bolton or Lannisters for better mock role-play on invites, culinary theme, and even in the attire.


  1. Carnival Wedding Theme

Create a playful atmosphere with the carnival wedding theme where you can have guests enjoying cotton candy, several ticket centerpieces, a photo booth, multiple balloons, and much more. You can even have a Mardi Gras-like atmosphere but obviously, the glitz and glamour will involve more money!


  1. Rustic Wedding Theme

Those who love the countryside and miss it can opt for a rustic wedding theme where leaves, branches, the birds and the rivers have a role to play. Identify such a setting and get the guests to wear something that suits the countryside weddings. The simplicity is the key, although one can even serve mocktails in hollow coconut bowls and serve food in natural leafy dishes.


  1. Circus Wedding Theme

If you love the circus, you can have a wedding with a circus theme, replete with several characters, jokers, trapeze artists and even people disguised as animals. The wedding can be held under a tent with a ringside view for the guests, while the couple is greeted center stage.


  1. Barn Wedding Theme

The barn wedding theme is just like the rustic wedding theme but with a cottage home where one can match the countryside simplicity with old charm elegance. One can have invites for the wedding made of wooden blocks, drinks served in coconut bowls, attire resembling the villagers while the barn venue signifying the couple’s roots.


  1. Travel Wedding Theme

If the couple loves to travel, they can have a travel wedding theme with separate kiosks for the places they love. They can post their pictures of travel in each of them while they can have a podium designed like an airplane. Even the invites can resemble air flight tickets or boarding passes.


One can let their imagination run wild while choosing wedding themes. But hiring a good wedding planner and a great wedding photographer is even more crucial. Your moments will be captured forever and hence need to be in the best light, pun intended!

 Author Bio:

Sara Roberts is working as an Evangelist at Sai Digital Photography. In her free time, she spends her time capturing wildlife photographs and reading fictional books. You can follow her on Twitter.