Five Common Mistakes Couples Make when Planning their Wedding

Your wedding is perhaps the most intricate event in your life that you will have to plan. And because there are some inevitable things that can happen on your big day, stepping into pitfalls along the way is very likely. Below are the common mistakes that couples make as they plan their wedding.

Failing to Play a Role in the Planning

Not all people need to have a theme wedding; however, with a bit of creativity and research, you can give more flair to the event. It is often very obvious if the couple does not have a hand in the menu, music, decor and just welcomes the idea of taking what’s standard. Although hiring a wedding planner saves you from all the stress, you still need to have a say on pretty much every detail.

Limiting One’s Choices on Flower Options

 Booking a florist one year before the wedding day leaves the professional guessing the booming flowers based on your price range. You don’t want one variety of flowers in your wedding. You want the day to be as colorful as the decors and the flowers can give. So make sure you pick backups to the main b looms. Think beyond a specific flower and consider shapes and colors.

Sending Invitation Cards too Soon

While you may be tempted to tell everyone about your wedding, try to send out wedding invitations only after everything is planned including the final guest list. Make sure you send them only to those you will surely invite.

Micromanaging the Vendors

As you book professionals who know exactly what they are doing, allow them to do their jobs. Use the initial meetings as a way to tell them your expectations and desires. Also, you can give important instructions. But after those meetings, it will be best to just step back and let the professionals do what they have to do. Remember that you are hiring them to give you the time and space to concentrate more on fun and excitement of the occasion.

Failing to Consider Hiring a Videographer

Although photographs are a must, they just take you so far. But videos allow you to hear your voice and your partner’s while saying the vows. Also, you can watch your guests tearing up the dance floor. Hiring a professional videographer ensures that you have your big day documented from start to finish and the resulting video will definitely be a keepsake.