How to Have a Stress-Free Asian Wedding Ceremony

A wedding can be stressful. Most couples have shared a negative experience before or even during the wedding day. Although it’s a one-day event, planning for a wedding is a tedious exercise. Making sure that everything is in place at the right time can be hectic. However, here are some great tips you can consider so that you can host your dream wedding.

Choose a wedding planner

The most tedious part of a wedding is the planning stage. This includes looking for a wedding venue, sampling wedding cakes, trying different wedding gowns, meeting with your catering service and preparation of the wedding venue. Imagine taking on all these tasks on your own. You will end up exhausted and stressed out by your wedding day. To avoid all these activities, consider hiring a wedding planner. A professional wedding planner dedicates their time and energy to delivering your dream Asian wedding. The only thing you need to do is discuss your wedding ideas and inspirations. Once hired, a wedding planner will ensure that everything is in place at the right time.

Make early bookings

Always make bookings as early as possible. This includes booking a wedding venue, catering service and wedding gown. Remember, most of the services are offered on a priority basis. There are several venues where you can hold an Asian wedding ceremony. However, we recommend comparing different venues to choose the best venue for you. Once you’ve settled on a venue, make sure that you book it early for your wedding ceremony by making an advance payment.

Lower your guest count

As much as you may want all your relatives and friends to attend your wedding ceremony, the lower the number of guests, the simpler it is to plan. Try to minimise the number of guests by inviting your close family and friends only. Consider the accessibility of potential Asian wedding venues if some of your guests are coming from different parts of the city or further afield. As you make your list of guests, make sure to prioritise family and friends that have easy access to your wedding venue.


A wedding ceremony involves a lot of activities. However, you can prioritise some activities to save on your budget. First, have a to-do list for your wedding ceremony. One by one, think about whether some of the items in the to-do list are a priority. If you can do without an item, ignore it to make your wedding simpler, unique and stress-free.

An Asian-themed wedding is one of the most affordable wedding settings. However, there is a lot of preparation required to have a memorable Asian wedding. With the above tips, your wedding planning should go smoothly.

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