Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Outdoor weddings are very fashionable. The countryside and its pastel colors provide a perfect natural light for your pictures. However, as the space is usually bigger than traditional indoor weddings, decoration is even more important.

Many options exist. Most of them are classic and involve primarily flowers in order to give a romantic charm to often rustic furniture. Potted flowers can be a great option as they can serve as centerpieces to a table as well as gifts that guests can bring back home with them once the day is over. Flowers and trees can be also used for more convenient purposes. For instance, you can pin your seating plan to the trunk of a tree or hang a cord between two branches to hang instant photos that the photographer or guests are taking.

Flowers can also be used to decorate an arch under which bride and groom will exchange their vows. And let’s not forget about the aisle that you can create with a simple white carpet. Just frame it with rose petals in pink, white and yellow shades to emphasize the pastoral and romantic atmosphere.

If you are looking for a piece of decoration that can both amuse and occupy the space in a stylish way, a photo booth is a nice option to consider. Photo booths are also very popular in outdoor wedding as it offers endless possibilities. With a vintage couch and Polaroids, guests can take pictures of themselves or with a professional photographer throughout the afternoon and the night. The photo booth is literally the witness of how much fun the guests are having from the beginning to the end of the party. They can be themed and are usually full of accessories for even more hilarious pictures. Fake glasses, mustaches but also more shiny options such as smokeless wedding sparklers that you can find on https://www.sparklersonline.com/wedding-sparklers-20-inch/. These sparklers last a full two minutes and are perfect for wedding with one hundred or less people. This will liven things up at your wedding since it is both joyful and pretty offering a warm candle color when burning.

Any element of your wedding can take part in the decoration outdoors. The guest book can also be staged. A vintage typing machine has a lot of charm and is an original way for your guests to leave you a message. In addition to this, it will also be possible to include these notes in your wedding album. Another idea for world travelers would be to buy a globe that all guests can sign. However, that is only possible if the number of guests are limited.

Getting married outside also entails lightning. Indeed, when the wedding is indoors, lightning is provided usually directly from the ceiling, lights can change colors with a simple lightbulb switch. Nevertheless, getting married outside does not reduce lightning options. You can use the natural element of décor to hang night lights such as trees and candlelight lanterns to create a cozy yet elegant setting. It is also very important to frame with light the dancefloor as no one wants to step on anyone else’s foot. Again, hanging lights from poles is a perfect means to combine something esthetically nice and useful. Lights can come in many colors and provide the romance atmosphere that many brides and grooms look for. Also, it is important that lights not only provide a romantic atmosphere but also give enough light for everyone to be comfortable to move around tables. For this purpose, bigger lanterns or even solar lamps need to make the ground visible to avoid any accidents.