The Different Kinds of Ribbons and Their Uses

Ribbons are highly versatile fabrics, which are used for bow making, decorative arts, decorative pieces, crafts, trimming and many other fashionable items like purses, scrapbooking and book bags. They are majorly used for making hair clips and hair bows. There are various kinds of ribbons in the market. You can find ribbons, which are wide, slim, thick and colorful. Here we have listed some famous ribbons. You can find all of these types of ribbons on sites like

Grosgrain Ribbon:

This ribbon is made of silk and can be used to make hair bows, headbands and hair clips. It is both thicker in size and heavier. It is also called ‘Grogram’. The texture of this ribbon is ribbed and therefore it is made available in many colors along with printed, striped, or solid patterns on it. This is the best ribbon that can be used to make your scrapbook as it is solid and you would not find it difficult while using glue on the scrap book. Grosgrain is a ribbon that is used to make hair bows for the cheerleaders.

Satin Ribbon:

This is the most commonly used ribbon worldwide. They are made of manmade fabric polyester or satin. This fabric is very light in weight and has a glossy finish. There are single sided and double sided satin ribbons available in the market. The double sided satin ribbons give a smooth feel to touch. They are widely used in garments for designing clothes and to make accessories like satin hair bow, wristbands and many more.  Because of the incredibly glossy look it has, it is even used at wedding functions to decorate and is even perfect for doing craft-related projects.

Double Ruffle Ribbon:

These are gorgeous ribbons having a single faced satin at the centre with some beautiful ribbon sewn on either sides of the satin. It is named Double Ruffle ribbon as it has a shiny satin centre along with double ruffle ribbon at the sides. It is widely used for making custom lining on clothing and hair bows.

Organza Ribbon:

You can use these ribbons for almost everything from wedding dresses, embroidery, and wedding invitations and sometimes even at the high fashion couture. Usually, this is made of nylon, but silk-made Organza Ribbon is also available. This is a very lightweight ribbon that is very feminine in its look.

Now that you know the different kinds of ribbons available, decide which one of these you would want to use for your project.