The Top Factors to Consider when Looking for the Perfect Wedding Photographer

When preparations for the wedding are in high gear and the day approaches, it’s easy to get excited for the wonderful ceremony and celebrations – or panic if things aren’t falling into place in time. Planning well in advance is the key to success; after all, you need time for the tailors to do their job, to decide on the menu, to fix seating arrangements and send out invitations, and so on.

Finding the right photographer to document your day can be a difficult project, because unlike a cake or flowers, you can’t first taste or smell the product. You need to have confidence in them, and this requires some faith. Still, there’s a right way to go through the process. Here are the top factors to consider when looking for the perfect wedding photographer.

Choose your style

Before doing a search for the perfect photographer, check out different styles and decide what kind you would like. Just to give you an idea:

  • Portraiture – posed shots between the two of you, in the classic styles that are meant to be framed.
  • Documentary – some people prefer great spontaneous shots that are taken without the couple actually being aware that the photographer is lurking behind a tree or bush.
  • Artistic – think of poses, light additions, reflections in water, and so on. Think of drama and passion.

Check around

Once you know what you’re looking for, check online and make a shortlist of all the photographers you might be interested in. You’ll often find portfolios online, and you can compare the shots made in the portfolio with the photographs you envision during your own special day, as a top Nottingham wedding photographer like Lewis Romane will tell you.

View past work

The portfolios that you may have viewed are hardly complete, so make a shortlist of those that impress you and contact them, asking for more examples. Any photographer worth their salt will be happy to send you more.

The interviews

Communication is very important – you will have to tell them what you would like, and they will have to tell you what they are able to accomplish. You have to set – and manage – expectations, and communication is very important for this. You have to feel comfortable with your choice.

There are two more important things to consider: make sure you get whom you requested. Many studios have several photographers working for them, and unless you specify the name of the person you want in the contract, you may be getting Paul instead of Pete, because the former wasn’t available that day. Furthermore, often a studio can offer two photographers to be present for a minimal price increase, and that may be very appealing, too, for obvious advantages. Do your research carefully and start early.

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