Theme Based Indian Wedding Planning

Wedding is one of the beautiful things that happens in one’s life. In this post we have mentioned some of the most unique themes for weddings in Delhi, Goa, Thailand plus some absolutely unheardofdestinations as well to spill the coffee beans. These aren’t your regular “Mughal Inspired” or “Red and Gold” themes- these are ones that will make you guests sit down up, take notice and marvel at the little details that go into making these possible.

Paper & Origami Theme: Swap real flowers for paper flowers on the tables, hang bright girl origami cranes from the trees and enormous flower fringed streamers over a wall to make the perfect backdrop for your image booth. You can also hang the ageold buntings in fun colors on the ceiling. You can also look forthemewise Indian Wedding Invitation Designs.

Go Glam with Bulbs & Sequins: Little or nothing screams glamorous louder than lots of bulbs- clinging over a bar, or as strings to cover the ceiling. They are exquisite for any sangeet.

Gold and glam: We all did this was for a celebration in Bombay. The theme was dark and gold and everything the guests were meant to dress in those colours. The client wanted the space to look like a nightclub and I also wanted to add a fun yet chic aspect to it. While speaking to the client we realized she was a science student and quite a geek so we covered them in chalkboard with graffiti and counter that with gold and black foiled arches, a lot of candles and red roses to help make the venue look ultra glam.

The Rajasthani: This was for a mehendi in Udaipur. The bride was from the states and desired something super colourful for her mehendi. So we picked elements from the local rajasthani bazaar, pinwheels, puppets, umbrellas, used dhols as coffee tables and filled chai glass slots with gulab and mogra. Bought clay elephants off the road and coated them in bright fluorescents colours. Had people making lac bangles live and giving away bandhaniduppattas and traditional jootis. With this theme you will also get Themewise Indian Wedding Invitation Designs.

Classic: With vintage back in fashion, this is for a reception. Pale colours, tons of lace, antique looking glass frames, pearl details and lots of candles. Brought in hydrangeas and peonies and set them out in teacups as table centrepieces.

Festival: For a sangeet in Delhi. The bride wished something completely mad and out of the field. So we mixed ideas of the circus with fairytale and stories and created something absolutely unique. Placed large floral hats on the tables motivated by the Mad hatter, had polka and candy striped linen, the access was a yellow brick road from the storyline of Oz.

Interior Garden: This look was basically devised for the summer time, or for venues with no natural beauty to add some instant quality. It was appreciate taking the garden indoor, with the walls covered in greens, large green forest with hanging votive wax lights, trellis over the supper area covered with produce and hanging chandeliers. That was kind of like walking into a fête hall, but getting the feeling to be outdoor!