Three Options for Wedding Music

Planning a wedding can be stressful even if you have help from a wedding planner. There are many arrangements that need to be made, from buying the wedding cake to hiring a caterer to getting music for the reception. Here are three options for wedding music.

Hire a DJ

Many couples opt to hire DJs to play the type of music that they prefer. The DJ will consult with them to find out what type of music they like or what type they want played at the reception. Most DJs will also act as the emcee for the reception by making announcements about which dances are coming up, such as the newly married couple’s first dance or the father and the bride’s dance.

Most DJs are paid by the hour but they will usually offer packages for a wedding. While you can get recommendations for a DJ from friends, family, or the wedding planner, you should audition them before hiring anyone. Listen to how they make announcements, how they introduce the music, and what type of songs they pick before signing a contract with a DJ.

Wedding Bands

Some couples prefer live music at their reception, especially if they are going to have a dance floor open for everyone. Live bands can run the gamut from country and western music to classical quartets to rock music. The best way to find a band is to advertise for auditions at pubs offering the type of live music that you want or by asking for recommendations from friends or family.

When auditioning bands, have them play a short set of their music for your wedding and consider their style before asking them to play at it. Some bands may not be appropriate for children if you are going to invite them to attend your wedding. Also, don’t wait until the last month to audition and book bands as most of them, such as Bondah wedding music for hire, may be booked for many months in advance.

Wedding Singers

There are singers who only book weddings for a living. Wedding singers can perform almost any type of music that you wish them to sing and many wedding singers specialise in a certain type of music. For instance, if you’re Jewish, then there may be cantors who you can book for your wedding to do both the ceremony and the reception.

Again, having auditions is important to find out if you like a singer’s style and the music choices that he or she makes. As with most live music or DJs, you will usually pay by the hour for wedding singers or they may offer packages for a certain number of hours for weddings. Some singers may stick to a certain genre of music and have a list of songs that they perform at weddings while others are more open to performing the types of music that you and your fiancé like.

Before hiring anyone, negotiate and get the promised services in writing so you know what to expect from a DJ, band, or a wedding singer.