Wedding Planning Decisions That Brides and Grooms Rarely Realize Cause Problems

Wedding mistakes don’t only happen when a bride and groom elope or make plans at the last minute. On many occasions, brides and grooms and/or their helpers make mistakes because they lack experience and fail to hire a professional wedding planner. Most do-it-yourselfs easily find information about “common” mistakes to avoid, such as budgeting poorly or sending out invitations too soon or too late, and then never realize that other types of decisions can cause problems. Keep the following warnings in mind if you make these three decisions when planning your big day:

Parking in Nature

Many people fail to think beyond clear skies and manageable temperatures when making wedding plans. Mother Nature’s impact is especially important to keep in mind if you plan to have a wedding during certain seasons or when it rains. Wind and rain don’t only create messes that can cause people to fall or soil clothing, they also create hazardous parking scenarios that can make drivers accidentally hit cars, people or nearby stationary objects. Additionally, even a slight wind in certain areas depending on the season can cause pine cones, nuts and dead branches to fall on and damage cars parked under trees; and a rain storm can cause even a small stream near a parking area to swell and flood the space.

Decorating With Paint

If you decide to use paint on any of your decorations, always add an extra two to three days of drying time to manufacturer-recommended drying time frames before putting up decorations so that the wedding party and guests don’t have to deal with wet paint marking their clothes. In addition, most standard household paints and cake icings don’t mix. If you want a DIY-painted plastic cake topper, for example, keep in mind that the oil in icing can break down unsealed paints and that most paints pose a health hazard. Edible paints designed specifically for use on food and related accessories, including edible metallic and glitter-simulated colors, are much safer, non-toxic alternatives.

Exiting With Fire

Brides and grooms considering fireworks need to reconsider this idea. Although fireworks create spectacular exits, they pose a wildfire risk. A lot of venues and states have banned their use at weddings. To create a stunning silver, gold or even color-shaded exit, consider using wedding sparklers and sky lanterns instead. Although wedding sparklers and sky lanterns also rely on fire, they’re easier to control and still make any wedding exit a brilliant, fairy-tale-style ending. To reduce on-the-ground fire risks, plan to use them in a large outdoor area that doesn’t contain potential flammables where people can spread out, and set up glass or metal containers filled with sand for disposal. Lastly, provide guests with quick card or pamphlet reminders on the proper handling of sparklers.