Mention ‘Las Vegas’ and it elicits the same response across the globe! People initially form images of parties, casinos and roulette wheels in their minds eye. It is a city associated with vibrancy, fun and the human instinct to seek and cherish a good time. It is also a city of romance, with several thousand weddings happening here every year. Vegas weddings are typecast as spontaneous and spur of the moment decisions, and most depictions of marriages in Vegas in popular culture have only deepened and spread this misconception further. We at Las Vegas wedding planners have taken it upon ourselves to do away with this image that Las Vegas has, and take Las Vegas weddings to the next level.

The very concept of a wedding has seen constant change over the years. Every year people spend crazy amounts of money on garish wedding parties and outlandish venues. Given the fact that it is the most important day of peoples’ lives, the amount of time and effort people spend on these events are justified. But there is a fine line between graceful and fashionable, and loud and crass. We aim to take the entire planning headache away from our clients, and ensure that their wedding is on par with the very best out there. Right from the pre-wedding celebrations to the actual ceremony, we take care of everything, and let you relax and soak in the celebratory vibes.

Las Vegas Wedding Planners is made up of professionals with considerable experience in the wedding industry. We are dedicated to providing our clients the best possible wedding experience. Right down from choosing the venue to decorations, food and all other miscellaneous arrangements, our friendly and tireless staff make sure your wedding becomes a day to remember, for all the right reasons.

The following features set us apart from our competitors

  • Variety choice of location: – When it comes to a wedding, choosing a venue is half the work done. We offer the best locations in Vegas as potential wedding venues, including Vegas symbols such as Caesar’s’ Palace, Tropicana etc. Just inform us of the choice of venue, and we take care of all subsequent formalities.
  • Nature of weddings: – Weddings are intensely personal affairs, and it is of paramount importance that the client be comfortable on his/her special day. We provide services to conduct weddings of all capacities, and ensure that any service we provide is tailor made to client preferences. We have packages for all sensibilities and budgets, including the option to travel to somewhere exotic and have a destination wedding.
  • Prompt and friendly staff: – Our dedicated team of experts is available to you round the clock to make sure that every need of yours is attended to. We take into account the amount of stress organizing weddings put clients under, and our behavior will always reflect this understanding.
  • Special deals: – Our clients should not have to compromise on any aspect of their dream day due to budget concerns. We have tailor made and generous deals, which ensure our clients are 100% happy at the end of their special day!