5 Tips to Make a Kerala Groom Chic Even in a Traditional Attire

The wedding attire in Kerala is known for its flowing white and gold colours. Relevant for both the bride and the groom, the trend has been meticulously followed in Kerala matrimonial over years. Where a bride adorns a white silk saree with a golden border, a groom wears a crisp and starched dhoti with an off-white kurta. But with a change in trends people are moving from traditional attires to fashionable garments, and brides and grooms from Kerala are more than keen to adapt to this change. There are several designers in the market that create wedding attires that are not only in line with current trends but attires that can be customised as per the client’s need. While there are innumerable choices available for the bride to dress up in her way for the wedding, grooms are not too far behind with the options they have. If you are a groom-to-be and are ready to experiment with your wedding attire, here are some tips that will give you a chic look and yet keep you synced with your traditional side:

  1. Adorn a Sherwani: The classic North Indian wedding attire for groom seems to be making its way to the South of India as well. The Kerala groom can sport a silk sherwani with a dhoti on his wedding day and catch everyone’s attention. There is a vast collection available in terms of colours and fabrics. So, go ahead and choose your pick.
  2. Fusion Wear on the Go: Contemporary style is being adapted by many people across the country. The trend has been a revolution in the clothing industry, and a daunting ensemble on your wedding day will add to your stature. You can blend the customary bandhgala sherwani with different components like a dhoti, a salwar, or an ankle length pant and a brooch, and look your best on the D-day.
  3. Add a Tinge of Colour: If you do not want to play around too much with your wedding attire, you can add a little colour here and there, and you should be good to go. You can wear the traditional white dhoti but choose a different coloured shirt, like a subtle pastel shade or a brighter shiny one.
  4. Suit Yourself: When it is about looking your absolute best at your matrimony, it is important you turn to an omnipresent attire – the suit. You can never go wrong with a suit. It is available in different styles, cuts, colours and fabrics, and can be found at almost every designer store.
  5. Keep it Cool with Cotton: One of the most famous and readily available pieces of clothing is cotton. This not only keeps you cool during a day-time wedding, when the weather is quite literally humid, but also makes you look nothing but your stunning best.

Regardless of which idea you go with, everyone is still going to have his/her eyes on you. So, go ahead and make heads turn.