A Guide to VVS Diamonds

Diamonds – the image of beauty and purity, and the desire of many a bride and fine jewellery lover.  But what makes diamonds so sought after, and what are VVS diamonds? This Guide to VVS diamonds will hopefully shed some light on these fascinating and stunning gems.

Pure diamonds are made from carbon atoms that are arranged in a lattice type pattern. You may have also heard of diamonds having “flaws”, and may be wondering why on earth something so beautiful could be considered as a “flaw”.  The “flaws” are called ‘Inclusions’.  These “flaws” are actually caused by minerals that affect the growth of the diamond, by altering the diamonds colour, appearance and clarity.  VVS diamonds have hardly any flaws and are certainly not visible to the naked eye.  In fact, you would need a microscope to identify them!


Each diamond has a grade of clarity which depends on how many impurities there are.  Diamonds that have no inclusions are rated as Flawless (FL).  Diamonds that have slight marks but no inclusions are rated as Internally Flawless (IF).  VVS diamonds means ‘very, very slightly included’ which means that the inclusions are so miniscule that you would need a microscope to view them.

Light and Sparkle

One of the wonders of diamonds is the sheer light and sparkle they omit. Who doesn’t love a bit of glam and glitz?!  This sparkle and shining light are caused by how the diamond has been cut.  This is a massive contributor to the quality and clarity of the diamond.  VVS diamonds that have a quality cut are extremely rare, and make exquisite and exceptional pieces of jewellery.  These diamonds are colourless, clean from any inclusions and create a stunning show of light that will cause immense delight and satisfaction in the lucky owner.

The cost of VVS diamonds

I am sure that you have already guessed that VVS diamonds are extremely valuable and highly desired. However, if the VVS diamond is small or cut in the wrong way, it will reduce the value somewhat.

If this guide to VVS diamonds has got you intrigued, then you may be considering nipping down to your local high street Jewellers to have a peek.  Unfortunately, you will be sorely disappointed.  Regular Jewellers and markets tend to stock VS and SI diamonds as they are less expensive so will appeal more to a wider range of people.  This is where you will find coloured diamonds as well, which are hugely popular.

If you are fortunate enough to afford genuine VVS diamonds, then be sure to seek out high end retailers and online websites.  Beware of any “fakes” and make sure that whoever is selling you the diamond is knowledgeable of VVS diamonds.  Many retailers have limited understanding of the clarity of diamonds, and will put on a hard sell anyway.  Hopefully this guide will assist you in choosing the real deal!