Alternatives To White Background For Product Photography

A white background is a popular option amongst Los Angeles product photographers. After all, it ensures that the focus is on the product and not on the background. Also, it ensures that the product appears brighter by reflecting the light on it.

But, white backgrounds can seem generic. So many product photographers Los Angeles are now trying out other kinds of backgrounds. Do you want to try out other kinds of backgrounds too, but aren’t sure which one to go for? There is no need to worry. We will tell you the alternatives to try out.

Alternatives to White Backgrounds

  • Neutrals

If you haven’t experimented before, then it’s advised that you opt for neutral colors like beige, off-white, or grey at first. It’s better to start slow so that you know what you are getting into. These colors will also highlight all your products like white background but give you a different visual aesthetic.

  • Solid Colors

Solid colors will help you achieve the variety you are looking for when showcasing your products. Note that if you use bright colors, then it will help create a playful and lively effect. Along with this, the bright colors will indeed highlight the intended product well.

For example: if you are showcasing pink makeup, then going with a pink background can heighten the effect if done right. You can get such effects and more at Drew Doyon. Whether it is lifestyle photos or studio ones, you will get what you need here.

  • Black Backgrounds

If you plan on advertising products like jewelry and alcohol, then black is the perfect background to choose from. Know that it will contrast well with the amber of alcohol and the gold of jewelry. As a result, you will get an elegant and sophisticated effect.

White backgrounds can get boring after some time. So you need to experiment and change it with other kinds of patterns and colors. However, it’s advised that you look at the product and then change the background accordingly.