Bali Destination wedding for a guest list of 30 people

When thinking of a destination wedding, think of Bali. Why? It is one of those places in the world that has so much to offer, perfect tropical climate, white sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, out of this world sceneries, so many varieties of accommodation, rich culture, music, dance, art, and so much more. It is the most idyllic location you can ever decide on. You also need to decide on your guest list. Destination weddings are meant to be intimate ceremonies shared with the closest people in your life; therefore, you need to evaluate the people you plan on inviting. A guest list of 30 people is ideal. Therefore, you each get to select 15 people on your side of you can decide together if you have a lot of mutual friends.

So now you have the location covered, where do you start? Seven Agency got you covered with various wedding packages to make your dream wedding come true. Let’s look at what this package includes.

  • Wedding venue

Imagine having your wedding by the cliff side overlooking some beautiful landscape of even the ocean, idyllic right? However, if this is not what you desire, you can communicate what you want, and they will make it happen. It is your day, so you get what you want.

  • Before the ceremony planning

It includes everything that needs preparation before the service begins that consists of the hair and make-up for the bride and her maids by a professional, pre-wedding meeting to ensure everything is in place and a return transfer for you and your guests.

  • Photography

We all know that a picture is forever. Top-notch photography is inclusive to ensure you capture the best of moments of your wedding. You get 5 hours coverage of the event.

  • The ceremony

Background music to blend in with your wedding will be made available by your personal preferences with a crisp sound system. A soundtrack for your milestone in life.

  • Decorations

Seven agency will hook you up with the most exquisite Balinese decorations possible to add glamour and elegance to your ceremony. It is inclusive and not limited to the flower arch, canopy style with local flowers and ivory fabric, a flower road, hanging flowers like a lantern, alter table, tiffany chairs whether gold, wooden or white, whichever you choose, ring pillow, welcome desk, props for the photo session and so much more. The decorations blend in with the Bali culture to give you the full experience.

  • Reception

It comes with a three-course menu, sound system, rectangular tables for the meals, fire dancer or a trio band for your entertainment and a two-tier cake. Decorations for the reception will also be in place with centerpieces and paper lanterns for lighting.

Seven agency assures you of your memory certificate and handling of all legal issues surrounding the wedding ceremony.

You only get married once, so make it the best day of your life. Go hard or go home.