Differences Between Commercial And Advertising Photography You Should Know


Commercial photography and advertising photography are not the same. Most people tend to use these terms interchangeably. Even when they seek professional services from reputed photographers, they happen to use the wrong term. In the present marketing scenario, both commercial and advertising photography has gained significant prominence. With the level of expertise and sophisticated equipment required for photography, it is advisable to seek professional services from the experts. Business houses seeking commercial photography services can click here to know about the reputed companies.

You should be knowing, that commercial and advertising photography are two different entities altogether. As a business owner, you should be aware of these differences. Particularly, when you need to make decisions on the online and print advertising campaigns for your firm, you should be specific about your intentions. Both these types of photography find their way into promotional purposes.

Here, you will come to know about the differences between the two kinds of photography:

Elements of commercial photography

In commercial photography, the professionals generally take photos of merchandise, models, buildings, landscapes and artifacts. These photos are used for promotional purposes in books, catalogs, reports and so on. You can visit here to get a better idea about what commercial photography actually encompasses.You can use a typical commercial photo in wholesale and retail sectors as well as sales materials. Most of the time, people use them for promotional purposes. The overall photoshoot in commercial photography is devoted to the object that is being photographed.

For instance, you may think of a stock photo, that often appears on the internet, when you carry out an image search for a particular product. This is an example of commercial photo. The reason is, it showcases the essence of the item to the viewers.

Elements of advertising photography

In advertising photography, the basic intent is to capture an emotion, mood or feeling. Through advertising photography, a product can elicit the same in the viewer. Advertising photography, as the name suggests, deals with the appealing to the viewer’s instincts or selling something to them. The visual aspects of the product create a mood that entices the viewers to make the purchase.

The photograph may be trendy and beautiful, and the customers find it inevitable to make the purchase decision. Therefore, advertising photography has the direct intent to sell a product. The photographers visually captivate the story, and along with stylized colours, images, font and lighting, they convey the overall essence to the viewers.

Framing remains an important aspect in both these types of photography.

Other differences between commercial and advertising photography

Here are some of the other differences between commercial and advertising photography that marketers should know.

  • Intent: The intent of capturing the photograph differentiates the nature of commercial and advertising photography. In commercial photography, the intent is to captivate the product’s essence. However, in advertising photography, the intent is to convince or persuade the viewer to buy the item.
  • Style: The style largely differentiates commercial photography from advertising photography. In the former, the framing is done in such a way that the product appears to be staider. The eyes of the viewers cannot be detracted from the item. Therefore, the background, lighting and styling are neutral. The framing in advertising photography is often bold, stylized and inventive.
  • End-user: Commercial photographers, in general, take the photos to be used in retail business. They are also used for promotional purposes. On the other hand, companies hire advertising photographers when they want to sell the products or market. Check here for commercial photography specimens to get a better idea.

Now, you know how commercial and advertising photography differs from each other. The techniques, too, in these two kinds of photography are different. For instance, in commercial photography, the photographer would not be willing to use dazzling lights. The product would get overwhelmed in such type of light, which is not desirable.

Advertising photographers, on the other hand, enjoy a greater degree of freedom in terms of creativity. They can interpret the details of the products in a better way. In the process, in advertising photography, the ideas, products, lifestyles and services get conveyed more lucidly to the customers. For more info about commercial photography service providers, you can visit the reputed websites.