Enjoy Wedding Bliss at Bali’s Most Popular Locations

Bali may be many things to different people, but one thing everyone who appreciates the surreal aura surrounding weddings agrees with is that it is a fantastic wedding location. It’s the combination of soothing ocean fronts, untainted beaches, beautiful trails through endless greenery, carved by nature itself, and luxurious villas that give every visitor a royal-like treat that draws thousands of brides to this island every year.

Savvy wedding planners have capitalized on Bali’s popularity and tranquil settings to offer remarkable wedding ceremonies. There are lots of good places where you can hold your ceremony, but some have proven to be more in-demand than others.

Here are the three most popular wedding ceremonies in Bali:

Morabito Beach Wedding

Morabito Beach Wedding is loved for its open access to the ocean.

When you select this option, your wedding takes place in Berawa, a quiet beach located on the Bali West Coast. The Morabito Art Villa has come to be recognized as the iconic network of tree houses where Morabito Beach Weddings are held.

To enjoy the full beauty and freedom of the surroundings, hold the ceremony in the tropical park outside. The subtly crushing waves of the ocean make for a spectacular backdrop as you exchange your vows.

Guests can retreat to the house for treats in the massage room and to soak in the beauty of the unique architecture.

Bali Villa Wedding

Bali Villa Weddings are another one of the most popular wedding ceremonies in Bali. The wedding takes place in one of the phenomenal villas spread all across Bali.

Choosing a villa can be hard because they are all so unique and magnificent. The Seven Agency knows them all and will help you choose the best fit based on your personalities and the mood you’d like to create on your wedding day.

A diverse in-house team of specialist wedding planners ensures that everything that would make the ceremony a success is carefully done. It’s humbling to see the personalized touch given to every aspect of the event, and it’s all done at an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

The memories you create will last a lifetime, and it’s thrilling to know you won’t spend all your savings to make them happen.

Bali Chapel Wedding

Lots of couples dream of celebrating their wedding at a chapel, no matter how far away from home they are. Bali Chapel Wedding ceremonies make that possible.

Your wedding planner will organize everything, including getting a celebrant, decorating the venue, and a preparation room for your bridesmaids. You’ll benefit from a personalized consulting that ensures your chapel wedding turns out exactly as you envisioned.

Bali wedding chapels are chosen for their quaint, calm ambience. Best of all, they are located near picturesque landscapes.

The chapel you choose can have an open view of the ocean, be surrounded by nature, or be located right at the top of dangling cliffs. You can see how the chapel wedding ceremony is a favorite for many brides-to-be.

Which of these popular ceremonies do you want for your wedding?