Important Tips Before Hiring Ceremonialist For Your Marriage

Whoever accompanies the Lemon Pin Blog has realized that to make a perfect wedding party, in addition to much planning, you have to make good choices of professionals. And having a good ceremonialist is essential.

From the moment you said yes to the marriage request, and you have a date in mind, it’s time to look for your ceremonialist. He is the key person who can help you with all decisions related to your wedding day.  But before hiring, understand the work of this professional, after all, he will be part of your life throughout the organization and planning of the dreamed ceremony and wedding party. The first step is to really know what the functions of ceremonialists are. Many people confuse what is or is not the professional’s job. The second step is to choose the professional that matches the style and “spirit” of the couple.

The good ceremonialist has the function of reassuring and guiding the decisions of the bride and groom, seeking the result they both dream of, and coordinating all those involved during the day of the party to ensure the smooth running of the event from start to finish. The right Wedding Planner comes easy there.

How is the day to day work?

Meetings, phone calls and many emails

But the frequency and follow-ups will always depend on what was agreed in the contract.

If you have a contract only for the Ceremonial of the Day, it is unlikely that the ceremonialist will be available to attend each meeting in person or request and evaluate requests for budget and negotiations. This closer follow up is usually agreed in a full or partial Advisory Agreement. It is important to make sure the difference between the options is clear, so be aware.


The pre-event consists of a large list of activities that the ceremonialist will conduct with you. Planning requires a very complete timeline and deadlines for each of the items.

The professional chosen by you will guide you step by step, indicating suppliers, raising values, registering wishes of the bride and groom, helping in negotiations and making suggestions. Some ceremonialists make a technical visit at the chosen location and assist in the definition of layout and circulation in the event. With the best and the most proficient Wedding Planning everything can actually go right.


Before the event a final meeting is held to align all the details of the schedule of the event day, record all the data of the professionals involved and details contracted. The ceremonialist must confirm with each professional his responsibility on the day of the event and the times for assembly and disassembly.

On The Wedding Day

First come and last to leave the party, the ceremonialist is responsible for receiving the suppliers, one by one, according to the schedule previously agreed with each of them, and ensure delivery and assembling of all details as planned.

Some other functions of the ceremonialist and staff on the day of the event:

Delivery of the bouquet at the place chosen by the bride to do the production – Bouquet delivery

Marking of tables for the guests, positioning of menus and napkins, reservation of place for groomsmen and parents in both the ceremony and the reception.