Is RAW Footage Essential For My Wedding Video?

It is really an real question that brides face when attempting to select someone for wedding videography. There are several wedding videographers which will provide all of your RAW, unedited footage for you around the DVD, even though many others wouldn’t.

There’s two primary ways of thinking on whether you ought to be given unedited footage or otherwise. They stem mainly in the wedding videographer themselves, and also the style they enjoy to film.

A marriage videographer filming ‘documentary’ style may offer you all of their unedited footage. Their type of filming is dependant on filming from Point A over time towards the finish, Point B. They might not do much editing for the video and rather choose to offer you the numerous hrs of footage his or her final product.

Wedding cinematography

The videographer who films motion picture style wedding films (‘wedding cinematography’) may not provide you with the unedited RAW footage. They choose to have a creative, story-telling approach when filming your wedding event. The primary goal is to make a fully-edited, video clip which will showcase your wedding event towards the viewer and stimulate effective feelings for example pleasure and happiness. Similar to a Hollywood producer filming a drama movie, in wedding cinematography there are specific details during the day which are taken onto film to assist inform your story and to develop the ‘plot’.

In motion picture wedding videography, the small moments are attentively filmed by having an intent to become edited at certain points inside your wedding video to inform the storyline towards the viewer. These moments can include scenes for example all of the workers diligently establishing your reception hall, or perhaps a close-up scene from the groom nervously tapping his ft as they awaits his bride-to-be, or perhaps your mother going for a second to change your veil before you decide to walk the aisle.

With no editing, these scenes, that could depend on over 10 hrs of ‘unedited’ footage, would certainly seem to be a variety of random occasions that carry hardly any meaning. Should you begin to see the unedited footage without seeing the ultimate, edited wedding video, you may also be disappointed and think you wasted your hard earned money on the wedding videographer that spent a lot time on apparently trivial footage!

However the beauty truly lies following the editing process, once the assortment of the scenes are intertwined with one another to get one last wedding video. The marriage cinematographer frequently will expend as much as 40 hrs carefully selecting the scenes and fitting them, like bits of a puzzle, to your wedding video. Within the finish, the range of footage becomes linked to tell an attractive story Body that you’d watch not only once, but again and again – such as your favourite movie.