The Ultimate Newborn Photography Advice For The Perfect Shots

Newborn photography can have several surprises, especially for people who are not parents yet. This guide comes with a list of several newborn photography tips that will help you tremendously if you’re interested in learning more about this topic. It’s a given that as a photographer, you have a different way or a different style of doing things, but these are just pieces of advice that other photographers have picked up through the years of newborn photography and are willing to share them with you.

Always know the client expectations

There are two different types of newborn photography, which are lifestyle and posed. Both of these options are great for different reasons, but it is very important that you know exactly what your client expects of you. Posed photography has to be done within two weeks of birth when the baby is moldable or very sleepy. These shots are directed at a baby looking perfect, usually wrapped in blankets or wearing hats and headbands. Lifestyle sessions are more casual and the goal is usually to capture natural images of the baby, so posing is usually not necessary.

Always be prepared

If for instance you are going to do a newborn photography session in a client’s home, you need to understand that preparing for a newborn photoshoot takes as much time as preparing for a wedding. There are alot of things you need to take with you and it’s very easy to forget something so ensure you pack beforehand, and you have a checklist so you don’t forget anything. Some sessions take very long so eat something before you leave, and wear something cool and comfy because you’re probably going to be using a space heater.

Remember to prepare the client as well

For you to have a successful newborn photography session, you need to ensure that the client knows what is expected of them and how to be prepared for it. Send your client some preparation tips a few days ahead of the session. Tell them what you will be bringing with you, the approximate length of your session, the kind of mess to expect, and how warm the house needs to be.

Find inspiration from the baby

It is easy to find inspiration from anywhere and it goes a long way to have some poses in mind while you arrive at the session. However, the very same way you would let a wedding unfold gracefully, sometimes the best newborn images are unplanned and only inspired by the baby and their uniqueness. Let the moment guide you. If the baby feels like moving, stretching, yawning, or making any other similar movements, you can take some perfect shot out of that.

Use siblings

If it so happens that the baby has older siblings, take some shots with them as well. However, given the fact that toddlers don’t have a long attention span, pick the images first whenthey are still excited and curious about the session. At the end of the session when everyone is tired of posing, you can shoot some incredible lifestyle shots.

Always be flexible and safe

One thing you need to understand is that babies are always the boss, regardless of how much control you perceive to have. This is something you need to be prepared for if you’re taking up new born photography. You need to be flexible because chances are the baby might not go to sleep for posing. You need to be ready to take lifestyle shots, to get some eye contact, or take images of mommy and baby. Be open to new ideas because a session that doesn’t go as planned can be the best thing that happens to you.