Tips to choose the perfect wine for your wedding


Wedding is a memorable event but its planning is stressful. From the dress to the venue and the food menu, perfect planning for everything is a challenging task. Another aspect which requires your thoughts is about the type of wine. Type, temperature, menu pairing and how many bottles to buy, follow the expert advice from wedding catering in Toronto about wines.

1)    Don’t think seasonally and conventionally: Many assume that a fall or winter wedding means red wine and spring or summer reception means white wine. But don’t think seasonally and conventionally. Just do what fits in your menu. Most of the guests drink what they like, irrespective of the season.

2)    Think about your menu: You should order the type of wine that compliments the flavor of your menu. Choose the best pairing. For example, red or white wine on medium to lighter side goes well with chicken. Greek wines or mineral-y-whites go well with fish and seafood. A bolder white wine goes with pork. Choose well-balanced wines that can match with a variety of dishes.

3)    Choose simple variety: Since red wine remains the crowd favorite in most of the crowd, so it should be half of your bottle purchase. Rest, you should purchase bottles of white and sparkling wines. Don’t go with too much-complicated choices as they may not blend with the taste of the food.

4)    Make sure that the temperature is right: Serve all your wines cold, including red wine. Whites and sparkling should be with the ice. Ensure that the temperature is maintained. Warm temperature causes flavor loss.

5)    Don’t pour heavy, go wine by glass trend: Heavy pours should be kept at a minimum in wedding receptions. It will help you keep the bottle check and the flavor is also maintained in small pours.  Pour three ounces of wine in a glass and serve the same quantity if the guest wants again.

6)    Keep one bottle per guest: This is the most important factor to consider when ordering your wine. As a thumb rule, keep one bottle per guest and a little buffer to the total quantity.

7)    Don’t forget the champagne toast: This is important but just remember, most people don’t drink much of sparkling wine so one bottle per eight or nine people will serve your purpose.

8)    Check for both quality and affordability: Always be thoughtful when you do the bulk purchase of wine. Seek the advice of the caterer about the number of bottles and variety. Check for quality but ensures that the package fits into your budget. Try to choose bottles under $20 and a make a list of wines that offer a quality taste at a reasonable price.

Wedding catering in Toronto provides you with some of the best tips when it comes to choosing the types of wines for your wedding.