Why Baby Videography Is Now Trending

Due to the advances in technology, baby videography is being used by parents to remember their little ones. This type of memory-maker is different than baby photography as it is used to tell a story about an infant’s development.

How Baby Photography Works

When baby photography is used, typically a photo shoot is scheduled, either at the photographer’s location, or at a venue of the parents’ choosing. The photographer directs the family and baby to pose in various ways. At the end of the appointment, the parents are given images of the scheduled shoot. They normally can choose to frame, print, or buy the photos in a digital format.

What Is Involved in a Videography Session?

When baby videography is scheduled, the session is set up at the infant’s home, or at a site that the parents choose. After the appointment or the video is made, the parents receive a video preview. This preview allows the parents to offer feedback for improving the video. When any improvements are made, the parents are given a digital copy of the film as well as a bespoke album of the video. In turn, the parents can share the video either online or provide it for viewing themselves.

How Long Does a Video Session Last?

When a video is made through such companies like Proud Daddy Moments, the session normally does not last over three hours. Typically, children who are under three years old cannot stay awake that long, or need to be fed after three hours. Therefore, the time for the video is limited to this timeframe.

When children of this age are the focus of a film, you need to consider nap schedules and feeding times. In addition, a young infant’s attention span is normally better during the first two hours of production. In addition, some children need more time to become acclimated to the video-making process. Therefore, three hours is the best limit to set for any videography appointment.

Preparing for a Video Shoot

In order to prepare your baby for a video shoot, you do not have to make the same preparations as you do for a photography shoot. Normally, during photo shoots, costumes or props are used in order to create a theme. A videography shoot, on the other hand, requires the parents’ input. In some instances, you may want to get the effect you want by including your child’s favourite toy. A parent knows what items will work or what action will bring out the best performance in their child. That is why videographers work closely with the parents in this respect.

When you work with a video company that works primarily with children, you can be assured that the videographer is skilled in bringing out the best in children as well. However, this type of dedication still requires a parent’s involvement. Since the video is a documentary of a child’s early life, videographers depend on parents to help them produce the ideal film. If you already have some professional baby photos on-hand, these can also become part of the video production.