Why You Should Never Have a Friend Take Your Wedding Photos

Professional or near professional photographic equipment is now more available than ever. The fact that it is so widely available increases the chances that you know somebody who owns a decent professional camera, so you might find yourself tempted to ask one of your photo-enthusiastic friends to be your official wedding photographer.

It may seem great at first. You would have a person you know and trust documenting your precious moments. Your friend knows your personal preferences without much explaining needed.

But is a friendly deal really that perfect? It turns out – it is not.

Here are five strong reasons why not to hire your friend to take your wedding photos:

Business and Friendship Don’t Mix Well

Even if it’s not a paid gig, a certain hierarchy always emerges when somebody does work for somebody else. In short, whether you see it that way or not, you will end up being your friend’s boss. That can result in various negative emotions and outcomes on a conscious and unconscious level.

On the other hand, being mad at a friend in the case something goes wrong is far worse than being unsatisfied with the work of a professional. Besides, professionals often offer guarantees and coverage in case something goes wrong within their contract. The only thing guaranteed by a photographer friend is that the relationship is likely to go awry in case of a mishap.

It’s a Matter of Style

Although your friend might know your visual taste and preferred photography styles well, it doesn’t mean they’ll be able to capture it on photos. In fact, it is unlikely.

Unique style is one of the most advanced achievements in photography, including wedding photography. Professional studios such as Infokus spend years perfecting the craft of capturing stunning images with a unique atmosphere. Professionals are also able to easily tweak that trademark style a bit in order to meet your demands.

An amateur photographer might have a hard time switching styles, especially in a dynamic setting that a wedding is. Knowing somebody’s taste is one thing, and having the skills to capture it is something completely different.

People Skills are Important

For a wedding photographer, people skills are equally necessary as photography skills. They are an essential part of the wedding photography trade since the photographer’s ability to communicate and get what he needs from their subjects will directly influence the resulting photographs.

Unless your friend is a true professional wedding photographer or a photojournalist (lucky you in that case), the chances are that they won’t have sufficient people skills to create high-quality photographs in such a complex social situation.

Your Friends Should Enjoy Your Wedding

If you give such a responsible task to a close friend of yours, chances are they won’t be able to enjoy your wedding. Doing professional photography in a busy situation requires a lot of energy and focus. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for having fun, and one of the points of organising a wedding is to celebrate this special day with friends, right?

You Get What You Pay For

Wanting to save money is probably one of the poorest reasons not to hire a professional photographer. Having your friends take your wedding photos out of sheer enthusiasm certainly seems more romantic and intimate than having to pay, but the fact that you hire a professional under a contract gives you much-needed security and a guarantee that there won’t be any giving up in the middle of the process. A contract and a fee are a guarantee that your wedding day will be documented well.

In conclusion, remember that, along with hiring a professional photographer you can also ask your friend to shoot additional, spontaneous photos, That way, you could involve your friends without any pressure, and still have all the benefits of a professional photographic service.